Germantown Family Law and Divorce Attorney

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My family law practice differs from that of many of my colleagues in how I charges fees for my services.  Most attorneys use a billable hour format, in which they charge clients for the time spent working on a case in one-tenth or one quarter hour increments.  In my opinion, fees for legal services charged on an hourly basis are unpredictable for clients, and can sometimes become excessive (especially in the area of family law and divorce).  I believe that unpredictable and excessive attorney fees are big factors in contributing to the overall negative perception of attorneys that many people have.

Approach and Ethics

I approach billing clients based on what I have done, not the time that I spent doing it.  I use a schedule of fees that lists set prices for specific tasks that may or may not be performed over the course of my representation.  This approach allows for my client to know their costs in advance.  It is my goal to reduce the stress and anxiety that accompanies being involved in a divorce or other family law dispute.

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